Victor Gama and Pedro Carneiro at the Next Future, Gulbenkian's Program of Contemporary Culture

probably one of the largest and fascinating  instruments in existence


The Gigantik_Arpz is an installation and performance built with steel piano strings that can span 20 to 160 meters in length. Hitting these particular strings produces a build up of bounced sounds and harmonics with natural reverb and echo effects.


This unique performance reveals one of the largest instruments in the world which has been installed and performed over lakes, dunes, parks and even the ocean. Recently the Gigantik_Arpz has been installed and performed at the Earagail Arts Festival in Ireland, over the Gulbenkian Foundation's lake in the centre of Lisbon, and in the Azores Islands. The Gigantik_Arpz can be played by the visiting public and workshops can be offered.



A piece for Gigantik_Arpz and electronics written by

Victor Gama and Pedro Carneiro for the Next Future Festival of Contemporary Arts and Culture in 2011.

Aquarium Materialis is performed in two movements,

one during the day and another at night.


The instrument used for the event has four resonating boxes, a pair installed on each side of the lake at the Gulbenkian Foundation's garden. With 75 meters in length, the ten strings were also prepared using several types of objects including a range of metal tubes.


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